Simple Paper Re-Making

Supply List:

Papermaking Supplies
  1. Blender or food processor
    (can be used for food again, just a messy clean-up - best to have a "papermaking" one if you do this fairly often).
  2. Sink or water-tight tub (Rubbermaid® storage tubs work well, and can be used to store papermaking supplies when done).
  3. Papermaking screen and deckle (can be found at craft stores or I've even seen them at Walmart®).
  4. Sponge (any clean sponge will do - no cleaning chemicals or detergents, these may caus paper to deteriorate)
  5. Styrofoam sheets - cut or break into sizes a few inches larger in each direction than your screen (can be found at home building and supply stores. *Note: If you find a "damaged" one, ask for a discount, you'll be cutting it up anyway.)

Papermaking Instructions:

    1. Recycling Paper, Magazines, etc
      1. Cut or tear paper into 1"-2" pieces.
      2. Soak them in warm water (the longer the paper soaks, the less blending wil be needed).
      3. Place a large handful of wet paper pieces into a blender ¾ full of warm water.
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    2. A handful of fluffy (not compact) dryer lint can also be placed in a blender ¾ full of water.
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    3. Natural Fiber preparations are more complicated, and a separate instruction link for them will be added soon.

  1. "Pulverize" one or any combination of the above (I) in a blender, and pour into a water tight sink or "tub" (see supply list)

    1. Put deckle (frame) on top of flat side of screen, holding it with the deckle facing you.
    2. Stir pulp in sink or tub well. Even consistency of pulp results in more even paper.
      **Feel free to add dried flowers, glitter, beads, mismatched jewelry, or anything you like into pulp mixture in the sink or tub.
    3. Holding the screen and deckle perpendicular to the sink or tub (deckle facing you), slide along the back edge of tub, then down to the bottom of the tub.

    4. While shaking back and forth to evenly distribute the pulp, raise fairly quickly. You'll feel a "vacuum release" when it exits the pulp and water mixture.
    5. Let drain on edge of sink or tub. Push any stray pulp left on the deckle toward the inside of the screen.
    6. Carefully raise deckle.
    7. You can also place small objects (flowers, confetti, etc) on the pulp at this point for further decoration.

  2. *Flip screen over onto a flat piece of styrofoam (see supply list).
    The pulp should be on the styrofoam and the back of the screen facing you. Firmly press sponge against the screen to absorb as much excess water as possible to bind the fibers together.
    *If you want to use the wet paper to mold around an object, or just shape while wet, place a piece of pelon ( interfacing) on top of the styrofoam before placing the screen there. Once you've removed excess water and screen, you can pick up the wet paper using the pelon under it.

  3. Carefully remove screen and let piece of paper COMPLETELY dry or it will curl and warp!

  4. Once dry, carefully peel off of styrofoam and enjoy!!.
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