Papermaking is lots of fun . . .

There are many ways to make and use handmade paper. On this page I will show a few of my favorite papermaking projects.
If you are interested in learning how to make paper at home, take a look at my handmade paper instructions.

Birthday Books are a continuing series I started in November of 1996 with a series of thirty, each pre-printed with my family's birthdays. Since then, I have made 5 different batches (shown on the birthday books page).

Handmade paper is also nice to frame and use for decoration.
Pictured below are two pieces I have hanging in my guest room.

I made recycled paper from old magazines and various paper products found around the house, then mixed lots of dried flowers and misc. other materials such as pencil shavings, potpourri, jewelry, etc in the pulp. I especially enjoy the randomness of the design!

Untitled, Vertical Untitled, Vertical

Last but not least, I would like to share the first handmade paper project I made. I was working on my bachelors degree in Art Education at Florida State when I had to take papermaking to satisfy a "fibers class" requirement. I was thinking what you are, "PAPERMAKING?!?" Yes, believe it or not, papermaking turned out to be my favorite art class.

This piece was made by picking up hands full of pulp from each students batch. I took those handfulls and splatted them on the screen, making an image similar to Jackson Pollack's Action Paintings of the 1970's. Thus the name "Action Pulping" .

Action Pulping 1994

The background of this page is a scanned piece of pampas grass paper.

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